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How to be an Authentic Person

In a society which is full of cash, ego and show-off we have lost our authenticity. We have lost our values and morals and what it means to be ourselves. Many are gotten lost in following the crowd. How the true success comes from being a follower?.

Followers are lost to their authenticity and have become the chasers of wealth and status. Followers are insecure, competitive and consistently positioning and provoking to one-up each other. The stand-out successes we all admire are not in crowed, they are not being cool or chasing cash. It does not mean they don’t love these things or indulge in them; it means they approach success from a different mindset.

Here are some qualities needed to be build up for being an authentic person.

  • Self-reflective

Authenticity cannot be reached if you are only looking outside of yourself obsessing over ways to live in all the narcissistic traps. To be authentic, individual and unique you have to know who and what you are, which comes through self-reflection. How can you know who you are if you are following everyone else ? Self-reflection puts you in a state of personal harmony, causing you to experience less anxiety. You are not worried about another person’s position because you’re confident enough to focus on your own. There is nothing to hide which allows you to be yourself.


  • Healthy Ego

When you are authentic, you have healthy ego, rather than the ego of an insecure competitor. To be great, you have to lead with courage and practice empathy. You have to be secure enough in yourself that you are able to lead.


  • Focus on Possibilities

The people who are disingenuous, always focus on themselves, the short-term, what they like or want and how they can manipulate to get what they want right now. They tend to be reactive and run to get just results. They want things now in efforts to get them before other people. Its all about them.

When you are authentic you have no time to waste emotion on temporary things. You focus on long term things and what possibilities patience and persistence will garner when you continue moving forward.

No one can be authentic without possessing a strong sense of character. This means you say only things you mean, keep your promises and stay in place of integrity in all of your dealings, in and out of work. People trust you because you keep your words and sense of consistency. When you are authentic, you do not take yourself too seriously and laugh at yourself. Lightheartedness indicates the state of your inner wholeness.


  • Listener

When you are authentic you experience fewer emotional crisis which make you good listener, even when the other person contradicts your views. When you listen, you learn. As a genuine person you thirst for the truth.


  • Open and Consistent

When you know yourself you do not have judgmental attitude towards others. Even if others do not agree with you, you still place them under an umbrella of respect. You do not push others below you. You are consistent in who you are, and have no need to satisfy others criteria to feel good about yourself.

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