10 Best New Year Resolutions for 2021

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10 Best New Year Resolutions for 2021

New Year's Eve and celebration are among the most awaited festivals of the year.

Sadly, 2020 has been a great challenge for all of us. The harsh arrival of Covid-19 and then its 2nd wave have made life hard from both health and financial point of view.  Do such fears still occupy a significant part of your creativity?

Don’t worry! We are up with the 10 best new year resolutions that can help you create paths for a better life. Celebrate this new year’s night at your home and spark the dull nights of this pandemic. But before that, check out our list for best new year resolutions for outstanding achievements.  


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10 Best New Year Resolutions

Develop the habit of reading

It’s never too late to develop a productive habit of reading. If you have spent this year without a motivation to read, this could be the best new year resolution. Here are some fertile reasons why you should spend time with books:

  • Being a collection of experiences books can help you overcome complexities.
  • Research has shown that even reading literary fiction supports creative thinking. 
  • Books are the kind of friends that can help to overcome mental stress and communication barriers.
  • Whenever you feel stuck at home, grab your favorite book, and roam among the world of written characters.


Learn a new skill

Successful people make the best use of their “extra time” in learning a new skill. This new year, there are several ways you can nurture skills that fascinate your dreams. There is a great deal of information and resources available on the internet that can help you in the process. 

Here’s a list of skills you can learn even by sitting at home:

  1. Photography
  2. Creative or content writing 
  3. Graphic designing
  4. Video editing 
  5. Web designing
  6. Learning a new language
  7. Cooking
  8. Drawing
  9. Basics of self-defense 
  10. Tuning an instrument such as guitar or piano


An exclusive new year resolution: A zero waste lifestyle

A zero-waste lifestyle is a wholesome approach toward sustainable living. It’s achieved by renewing, reusing, and recycling the available resources. This 3R-technique can reduce serious issues such as: 

  • Environmental pollution 
  • Scarcity of non-renewable resources
  • Stable financial status
How to execute a zero-waste lifestyle?
  1. Buy what you need the most.
  2. Purchase reusable containers.
  3. Prepare meals at home.
  4. Select environment-friendly packaging 
  5. Repair at home (at least what you can)


Start a gratitude journal

Pen down at least one beautiful moment in your gratitude journal each day. Take some time from your hectic routine and remind yourself of the achievement you made recently. Put your feelings into words and remove the feelings of stress and anxiety off your shoulder.

How could this be the best new year resolution?

People who keep a gratitude journal are good at praising what they have and overcoming futile expectations. It helps in strengthening emotional well-being and social connections.  


New year resolutions - keep journal


Aim at drinking more water this year

It seems satisfying to make healthy choices, but their accomplishment creates a difference.  

Water plays a vital role in the maintenance of human metabolism. Most of the reactions in the cells take place in an aqueous medium. According to research, a person with a sedentary lifestyle should intake 1.5 l of water per day. Replace carbonated beverages, artificial juices, and alcohol with a glass of freshwater. Intake of fresh and healthy water helps in:

  • Detoxification and removal of waste from kidney
  • Weight loss and improved digestion
  • Osmoregulation: maintenance of body fluids 
  • Thermoregulation: lowering fever
  • Hydration of tissues, muscles, and body organs such as eyes, skin, and kidneys.


Declutter your wardrobe

Sharing your valuable stuff with a person with limited resources is a beloved act of kindness.”

Donate clothes you won’t wear anymore. Contribute your part to make life easier for the ones in need. This resolution for the new year will help you get more organized and specific. It will also help you create space for new stuff.


Track your habits

A person who’s sincere to himself always keeps track of his habits. A tracker helps to trace how many days you stick with your routine. Declutter activities or traits that are hindering the completion of your goal. Replace these obstacles with productive ones that nourish your growth. You can keep track of your habits with the help of 

  • Different Apps 
  • Digital or printable planners
  • Keeping a habit journal
  • Calendar 


Plan your meals

Make smart and healthy choices for the best new year’s resolutions. Taking expert advice can prove beneficial, but you can also do this at home. You might already have been trying to figure out your exact meal plan, but let me remind you, “Beautiful things take time.” 

This new year get yourself done with the most challenging parts of your meal plan. Make healthy changes in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner if you are skipping them for unpleasant taste. Using your leftover foods for preparing the next course of your meal reinforces zero waste living.  Along with that, start walking at least a mile a day. This step will exclusively complement your meal planning for better results. 


Go for social detox

Step into the new year with healthy relationships. 

A social detox could be the best new year resolution in terms of better mental health. Distance yourself from toxic friends, avoid their company, and attach yourself to a positive mindset. Be among those who don’t judge you for your achievements or mistakes. If you don’t find any, discover the one within you.  

Try social media detox as well. Put your phone on silent for a few hours each day, or uninstall unnecessary apps. It will help you save time and energy. 


Implement a minimalist lifestyle

Minimalism is the art of prioritizing your needs over wants. A minimalist lifestyle is the current hot topic for content creators all over the world. This lifestyle has overcome complex challenges and made life more comfortable than ever before. The best procedure to practice a minimal lifestyle is more straightforward yet complicated in the beginning. It mainly focuses on the idea of getting rid of:

  • Materialistic approach
  • Fancy lifestyle
  • Debt and extra expenses
  • Social evils


Well, here you go – with widespread list of advices to assist you see your New Year’s resolutions and make some long-term productive changes in your life. I wish you all a very Happy New Year 🙂


New year resolutions - new year new you

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