3 Reasons Why Dont Hurt Yourself to Please Others

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3 Reasons Why Dont Hurt Yourself to Please Others

The simple truth to life is: live and let live. Following this simple manuscript we can enjoy a lot of pleasures, keep away from a lot of pain and avoid to hurt yourself to please others.


dont hurt yourself to please others


Now before you scroll  to the end to read the last line which I promise you is going to make sense, stick a little longer and let’s go together on a journey explaining why your mental health and inner peace must be your absolute priority so, you dont hurt yourself to please others.


We live in a world engulfed by opinions and namesakes thanks to social media. This entire setup engulfs us in a similar fashion and now as we know for a fact that every person is different.


so every person reacts to this scenario differently. Now in general we as humans and part of the society need the feel to fit in or to be accepted in doing so we end up being hurt and left alone or just depressed. At times all of the above three and many other ways we realize how trying to fit in is actually not a very nice idea either.

Here are 3 reasons trying to fit in will come to no good for you and you will eventually end up hurting yourself to please others.


Take your own journey

Yeah, I know the corny heading but “money heist” took all the titles I can’t help it. Now here is what you must understand and I cannot stress enough this is the medicine to your social anxiety.

Your life must be yours and yours only you cannot have the baggage of opinions over-shadowing your passions. For this you must always take your own journey, don’t alter the route just because someone tells you to. It is your life and you are the one who is going to face it not anyone else. So instead of looking for clues from others make your own journey.

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Only you matter

Now, I know we are moving away from isolation however this may be the only best time we have to advocate this. Now most of us have been locked indoors amid this pandemic now what has this done is: made us realize that the one person that needs to be satisfied for a good life is no one else but you.

So, understand this at the end of the day that you matter all you do must be for yourself and should not be an attempt to please anyone else at the cost of our peace.


So YOU, yes! YOU matter.


Play by your rules

So this might be an odd one but the truth is it is the one that matters a lot. You have to understand that all these big guns have been so successful because they maneuvered the playing field to their own strengths and that’s how they become big. So you have to level the playing field for yourself and make sure your path is the one that gives you happiness.


So listen to yourself and attend to your needs, stop listening to these youtube guru’s and listen to yourself because the first step to happiness starts when you stop hurting yourself because of others. I know it is easier said than done, but try it your mantra should yourself and your peace not anyone else because anyone else only then you can achieve that stature you have been looking for.

So, play by your rules and you will see Universe is On Your Side.


Let us know about your opinion in the comment section. How you avoid hurting yourself.



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