7 Ways How Meditation can Transform You

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7 Ways How Meditation can Transform You

We are living in the 21st century that is full of technological advancements. It’s a century of innovations, discoveries and exploring the universe.


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However, while people are enjoying advancements, a lot of them are facing many problems related to life, personality, health education and especially peace of mind.

Some people are having personality clashes. they are having either superiority complexes or in inferiority complexes. some are confused especially young generation about taking life decisions. A lot of problems are searching for a magical formula that can change the outlook of life, whether they are rich or poor. there is a life changing formula that, if applied with and consistency, can change your life and that is “meditation“.

A balanced life is desired by everyone, but this era of chaos and materialism is resulting into depression, anxiety, uncertainty, and other psychological issues. Life instead of being enjoyed has become the biggest challenge. Life is meaningful and world is beautiful, but it seems we are just counting our days on earth. Life is about living, not just surviving, which most of us seem to be doing. Ask yourself what you want. And answer would be “a balanced life” where we can achieve our life purposes without getting exhausted, while putting meaning to the life we can feel rejuvenated. We can get these desired targets by daily practice of meditation. Meditation has the power to change your life. It can balance your life by giving you great energy and insight. It can change your attitude towards life and fill your life with happiness.


How does meditation work:

Before counting the numerous benefits that meditation offers, let calm our mind by knowing how meditation works, and what lies behind this life changing formula.


We, the people of modern era are in hustle and bustle of this materialist world. Our environment is noisy, our mind is in a rush to do multitasking. We are unable to listen to ourselves which ultimately creates a mental chaos. Our mind demands relaxation, a silence and smoothness, and that we can experience through meditation. It increases happiness and diminishes stress. When you visit your inside world through it, the outside world looks attractive which gives you more meaning to your life. It changes your life as a whole.


People usually confuse the word “meditation”. They often think of it as daydreaming or they think that meditation means “contemplating”. However, it’s a precise technique for resting our mind. You close your eyes and relax your body, dethatching yourself from day-to-day problems. Your body, after a few minutes, turns to deep relaxation. Your mind stops bothering about the daily life stress. You start to feel relaxed and this is how you can get your inner peace that you always wanted.


Goals of Meditation:

People want change. They want to change their life. One of the biggest changes that works in life is a positive change you bring within you. Meditations helps you to achieve this aim. It can make you wiser, passionate, healthier, and happy.

Following are some benefits that can be the result of meditation:


  • Helps you experience Nature:

Every person on this earth is created with same nature which is described as peace, happiness, and bliss. Mind is the biggest obstacle to exploring our nature. If it is unruly, undisciplined, it cannot not guide us to the right path. Meditation helps mind taming and can introduce us to our nature that resultantly brings peace and calmness within ourselves.


  • Helps to introduce inner journey:

We are taught how to behave and react in outer world, but we are never taught how to control our inner emotions and know the inner world. Inner world is surged with truths-the divine truths, and we are unfortunately unaware of it. Meditation can help us to peep in the inner world and the inner journey can give the real meaning of life and after that, you feel more passionate, and you start to meaningful doings in your life.


  • Reduces stress and depression:

More than half of population is suffering from stress. Taking anti-depressants has become a common thing. It can help you for a short period of time, but the results can be disastrous. However, meditation, on the other hand, is a lifetime formula with only benefits, and no negative side effects. It reduces your stress and stimulates Dopamine hormones (feel good hormones).


  • Helps to avoid negative emotions:

Negative emotions truly kill you. Power of negative emotions is equal to narcotics use. It destroys you from head to toe. The more you think, the more you feel pain. One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that it trains your mind to avoid negative emotions. Your mind starts thinking positively and your mental health begins to rise from misery.


  • Helps to fight insomnia:

Insomnia is chronic. It disturbs you like no other thing and taking sleeping pills to fight this deteriorates the situation. Meditation before going to bed stimulates peaceful sleep. It relaxes your brain and body. After a tiring day, meditation soothes you and you enjoy a peaceful sleep.


  • Improves your physical appearance:

With the drastic routine, we start to look dull. work burden and daily problems slowly decay your appearance and your face starts to reflect that. You look inactive and passive that really gives a negative physical look. Meditation helps you look great. it soothes your mind which gives you spiritual peace and you begin to glow. Remember the more you are relaxed, the more you spark. Meditation calms you down and make you feel rejuvenated.


  • Enhances Memory:

Memory enhancement is one of the fringe benefits of meditation. Several studies show that there is a strong link between regular meditation and enhancing memory. Regular meditation increases blood flow to the brain, and it helps to increase memory. You are more focused than before.

Meditation gives you far reaching results. It improves your lifestyle, whether you are worried about your health, relationship, career, or personality conflicts, meditation helps to tackle all the issues. You feel better day by day. Meditation is becoming a lifestyle now. No matter what part of the world you are at, what your financial status is, it’ll work wonders for you. It is a great recipe for a successful life. Give it a try and enjoy a tremendous life.


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