About The Author

My name is Fariha Iqbal. A very loving daughter to my parents and sometimes over protective elder sister to my little siblings.

I warmly welcome you to your step towards positivity and motivation. 🙂  This blog this world is for your help and growth.

The prevalent and most vital datum I have learnt via my life journey and its adventures is “Positivity”. Thinking each and every moment a TRUE PRESENT and living life to its fullest possible potential. Learning every moment to be a better human being especially in a spiritual manner.



Profession and Passion:

I am founder and writer of this blog ~The Scented World~ . A Software Engineer by profession and Writer, Inspirational Speaker and Hope, Happiness & positivity Agent by passion.

My learning is a continuous process. Each and every moment is new experience, new reality, new revelation which gets me closer to my most conscious and true self.

My Inspiration:                               

Khawja Shamsuddin Azeemi is my teacher, Guru, my spiritual father, a great Inspiration for me. He is a Sufi saint and spiritual scholar. As a representative of amity and inter-faith harmony, He has established a wide network of Meditation Halls across many countries. His teachings help people to exceed beyond the limitations of the mind and control through they hearts. He strongly supports gender equality and has mentioned that the future of spirituality in this world lies in the hearts of women. His book, 101 Women Saints is evidence of this. In 2015, the British magazine, Watkins Body, Mind and Spirit, registered him in the ‘100 most influential living people’ for his efforts at growing human mindfulness through Meditation.

My biggest aim in life is “To spread Positivity, Love, Peace, and Motivation among human beings”. I want to be remembered as the one who spread light and made strong positive impact in world.

Thank you for your time to get to know about me and my humble mission 🙂

You can connect with me on
info@thescentedworld.com, fariha@2lets.com

With immense gratitude and love.

~Fariha Iqbal~

About us

Welcome to the little beautiful piece of Heaven! I strive for a more loving and positive world in me and around me. On this blog I share my heart, soul, all that I learn and understand. I hope the articles here cause positive change in you, motivate and inspire you to be the best.