Become and Have it All

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Become and Have it All

When an action is repeated it becomes a habit and when a habit is practiced for a long time it becomes value.

A cluster of values form a mindset. Similar mindsets create a society.

With every generation the idea of a comfortable life deforms into something greater. Before, having many sons were a thing to be proud of, today having a successful child is something to be fond of. Our world is created by contrast and similarities. Together a change is brought time to time to carry forward life and its processes.

Life was easier before but mind was complex, today life is complex and mind becomes crazier. Even in a simpler life people used to seek motivation from competition and today the outcome of that mindset leads to comparison on every aspect of life. From getting into best college to getting job in a renowned firm our life encircles around standards of what a successful man has to have. But what does a successful person has to be in life rather having it all?

Nobody talks about being something, acquiring skills and creating a growth mindset. People like you and me who are working hard to achieve a comfortable life THINKS that we don’t have time or resources to just stop and create the person we want to be. We are entangled in the society’s image of a perfect life, putting physical efforts in this era of capitalism and being absolutely empty from our minds. There’s no mindfulness in what we are doing and what do we want to be. And our sole focus is on competing with our fellows to achieve what we can. The question is that if at the end of the day everything you have is taken away from you then what will you become? We are not our possessions, or job titles or even our families. We are just one person at a time.

Even among the toughest routine you can find time to work on a side skill. Learn something new, be something more. It doesn’t have to be sports or cooking. It can be as simple as writing your emotions out. Explore what you wanted to do when you were a child, something that doesn’t have a monetary benefit and then work on it. Have an opinion read something other than usual, doesn’t have to be news.

Cultivating yourself as a person you will be proud of is so much important than having 10 grand in the bank. We can use up all the money we have but we can never exhaust the capabilities of a human being. A growth mindset, to explore the world in a more untraditional, non-lucrative way can open up the possibilities of our mind to think and actually have an opinion about life and ourselves.

Living can be hard but life is easy. You don’t have to be rebellious and go against the society but you can be mindful in your choices. You can actually choose things you enjoy rather someone telling you that an expensive vacation can only give you liberation from a routine life.

Slow down babe.




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