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Classical dialogues that describe work from home perfectly

So here’s a new one, we have a tendency as users or viewers to attach ourselves to certain characters of a film.......

We are not so passive consumers of films as we are of advertisements, so ever since in quarantine and monotonous life schedules, because the only schedule that is changing is my bathing schedule, we have a stuck routine.


From every day a holiday we have gone to every day is just another day. So in this dilemma, I was scrolling through my watchlist on my Laptop to re-watch some of the classics of the cinema and I realized there are some movies that really do describe my situation for sure and some generic situations so you guys don’t feel left out.

So here are a few movies famous dialogues that really have been overused in this quarantine:


“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”- Vito Corleone- Godfather

It is hard to overlook a Godfather when you are talking about classics anyway if you have been working in sales and in outbound, this one gem of a dialogue sure comes in handy while you are talking to your boss for closing a client. Sometimes the results are not as impressive as putting a decapitated head of the horse next to the person, oops spoiler, but hey it comes in hand at times.


“You talkin’ to me?”-Travis Bickle-Taxi Driver

This sure is an uncontended masterpiece from Rober De Nero’s filmography the Taxi Driver. You guessed it, the zoom meetings, things were far simpler when we had a phone in our hand at least we knew whom we were talking to. Noe however zoom meetings had us all becoming Travis Bickle from time to time. This line has become a part of our routine from 9-5 every day.


“What we have is a failure to communicate”-Captain- Cool Hand Luke

Yes, we do and as the line indicates., it was part of our lives before it still is and will remain a part of our lives one way or another. Every feedback somehow starts with this line as if it is a very polite way to address the issue, I assure you it is not. However, look on the bright side no one can really blame anyone because of the remote working. So let the Captain speak his or her heart out at you.


“Round up the usual suspects”-Capt. Louis Renault- Casablanca

Whenever a thing goes south in the results this is what we all hear from the team lead. Never have I ever come across a different factor hurdling progress, the same old reasons which will be: lack of inventory, no tools, less time, no software, and whatnot. Fix them already! Anyhow the usual suspects may change from time to time but the results and the call up will never. So we all get to be in a classic movie for once after being shouted at, only if you have a wildish imagination like Micheal Bay does when he is about to blow things up.


“Say hello to my little friend”-Tony Montana- Scarface

This one actually happened during a zoom meeting when a colleague of ours introduced us to “Bruno”: a pet dog. This is actually what she said. So I had to put this up apart from the reason I think we have dealt with a lot of intrusions in our workspace lately and this line really helps us overcome most of these situations one way or another, no need to pull that SMG.


“I’ll be back/ I am back”-The Terminator-Terminator

Yes people Schwarzenegger, I hope these are the right spellings though, zoom meetings, and that one person who never lets it end. There is always someone who has to leave the entire thing midway just to continue after an hour and the meeting never ends. Not exactly the Terminator vibes but gritty enough to shake a few heads and hear a few grunts.


“Houston we have a problem,”- Jim lovel- Apollo 13

You guessed it, the one guy who likes to make things dramatic while chatting, he is always there with a problem, whether it’s a server issue or a client’s behavior. We hear these words a lot more than we are supposed to and in many different forms and situations. Tom Hanks made them a  part of everyone’s life. Now from your mechanic to your colleague everyone says them like clockworks.


So here are a few famous dialogues accompanied by their characters who have been said on screen and somehow are either used or describe our remote working life. Although there are many cinematic jewels that were missed out, I tried to compile the most relevant and also to give you guys a classical watchlist for the weekends.  

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