Color Your Quarantine

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Color Your Quarantine

So here I am doing my own thing, as usual, these quarantine days on my workstation glued to the screen trying to earn that paper. Getting it done is the motto these days and indeed a good one. So as I'm on my daily grind (metaphorically) I realize a sudden shift in my mood.

No, I did not shut the laptop and screamed “I’m done” I actually started feeling better for some reason. All I did was look at this green colored vase I have in my room that has nothing to do with anything. It is just there ever since I know. So I became curious and I “recovered” a lost secret, the secret of colors, and their impacts in life especially in this quarantine time. Remember Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece “Vertigo”?  If you haven’t seen it trust me you are missing out on an absolute classic. Long story short he represents characters through color and I realized it’s not that wrong actually every person or a trait is represented by a color here are few of them that you might have seen floating about in films and in life here is your little guide to find a color for your mood.


No not the airline. The emotion and mood serene calmness. The very thing we all struggle to achieve and want to achieve somehow. Now I’m not saying it will work but at least it will make you feel less loathsome. Anyhow, blue, yea whenever during the film-analysis class we witnessed an overabundance of blue hue we knew: serene. Now although interpretations may differ over the meanings of these colors, look on the bright side having a blue tint in your surrounding room or anything that doesn’t sound bad at all now does it. So have a little blue in your room and feel calm.


Now although passion in life is not at all a bad thing to have but also to surround yourself with it is not clever either. Now passion colors purple, red some cases violet too but mostly the colors you don’t want on your walls. Keep them clear of these colors as they also have an effect of overwhelming emotions, I know what you are thinking: yea the film guy knows it. But trust me on this have you seen Nicholas Cage’s Mandy? Watch that film with the color palette they have and decide overabundance of these colors to create a choking effect. So avoid these colors there are plenty to go about with


Now in this time and day, your primary color should be a happy color that brings happiness about it. You are absolutely right: yellow. Yes yellow why do you think Bumblebee is yellow, no not the bee the car, transformers okay not a good example but hear me out. Yellow represents life, birth, and beginnings. And during these times a happy color is something you should aim for. Now don’t overdo it. But have yellow in your room and avoid dark and passionate colors. They look nice but in a confined living space they have negative effects that induce anxiety and depression.


So here is how you can choose the color scheme in your room. Also, try doing it yourself its a good day’s job that makes us sleep better at night 🙂



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