Covid-19 2nd wave: 8 Ways to be mentally at peace

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Covid-19 2nd wave: 8 Ways to be mentally at peace

Are you feeling sick of these punching waves of Covid-19? Did you experience anxiety again?

It’s natural to feel that way, but there are ways to overcome such feelings. There are a lot of ways to feel normal and retain stable mental health. Follow these basic rules to explore more good than wrong sides of this pandemic.


Covid-19 2nd wave: 8 Ways to be mentally at peace


Learning outcomes from the previous wave of Covid-19

We have probably lost a lot of health and wealth assets during the earlier wave of Covid-19.

Fortunately, all isn’t lost! 

Let’s recall some primary healthcare rules and fix them in our routine to avoid further loss.

  • Hygiene

Always keep a sanitizer with you and wear a mask while going out.

  • Social distancing

Staying at a safer distance prevents contagious diseases.

  • Strengthen your immunity

To date, no vaccine or medication is available against Covid-19. So better to be on a diet and habits that boost your immunity.


This lockdown isn’t forever

This pandemic has disturbed regular events of everyday life. Things are way different than before. Before adding another pessimistic approach, you need this cool reminder:

“Stay calm and think bigger.”

 Your survival mechanism should be broader than your fears. Things will get better soon, and you will shift back to a routine.


Plan a better future

Don’t get stuck with the negativities around you during this lockdown period. Learn from bitter experiences in the past and keep improving. It’s never too late to move ahead.


Learn a new skill

There is a lot of time available during this lockdown period that can help you learn new skills. Utilize your free time and stay focused. These skills can help you earn a passive income and beat unemployment.

  • Freelancing

All of the most in-demand skills are under this flag. It could be

  1. Freelance writing
  2. web designing
  3. Video animation
  4. Blogging
  5. WordPress and SEO experts

There are many free or paid resources available on the internet that can help you achieve your target.

  • Better communication skills

Improve your communication skills to develop a professional attitude. No one wants an employee or boss with poor communication skills.  It’s a better time to work on your self-development.

  • Make reading a daily habit

I am a great advocate of reading productive books and novels. When things start going wrong inside your head, grab a book, and enter a new world.

  • Learn a new language

Expand your CV or portfolio by adding a newly learned language.


Heartfelt social interaction

Social distancing should not create unnecessary space between you and your loved ones. Tell your loved ones how much you still care for them. You can do this even without moving an inch.

  • Send them a hand-written letter.
  • Send delicious homemade food to needy neighbors.
  • Write an email or send a voice note to overseas relatives.
  • Video call your best friend, sibling, or parents.
  • Serve your grandparents.


Cut down on your screen time

Do you monitor your screen timing? Do you know how much time you are spending on social media and compromising with your studies? Are you busy doing nothing?

Yes, all of these situations are relatable.

Excess use of social media triggers anxiety and depression. Spending time on your rectangular screen makes you stay in bed and procrastinate for longer. It isn’t just unhealthy for your physical health but your emotional and mental health as well. Social apps such as Instagram have introduced a reminder to set a daily limit for usage. Try not exceeding that limit and train yourself for a regular social media detox.


Set a proper self-care regime

These days you don’t have to go to work, college, or prepare breakfast for your kids every morning. But that doesn’t liberate you from a healthy self-care regime.

  • Wake up early in the morning, brush your teeth, and stretch out mindfully.
  • Eat a healthier breakfast with less sugar.
  • Cook at home and avoid junk and semi-processed food items.
  • Clean your home and working area.
  • Paint out your favorite thing.
  • Send clothes, sanitizers, and masks to homeless people. It will help you increase your positive energy.
  • Go to bed early and sleep for at least 6 hours.
  • Mend your relationships with your family and ensure your presence at the dinner table.


Read a book before hitting the bed

Social media adds so much to your anxiety, either directly or indirectly. I prefer reading a book over scrolling Facebook feed on my smartphone.

Start with a fiction novel and slowly move towards productive reading. This way, you will end up reading rather than checking your phone meaninglessly. Plan something good in your head with an urge to accomplish your goals. So, you are planning to wake up from an anxiety-free sleep.


Connect to nature

During this lockdown period, grow some indoor plants on your balcony. Refresh your soul with the beautiful colors of nature. Serve these plants and watch them producing flowers out of seed shells.

Similarly, know your needs, serve yourself, and grow out of your pains.


Boost your financial status

Money can’t buy happiness but can help you to

  • Pay your fees, electricity bills, grocery bills.
  • Buy supplements for your old parents.
  • Rent a new home and whatnot.

All of these things, if not managed on time, can cause anxiety and depression. Work from home has made things easier for homemakers and mothers. This pandemic, you can earn online through part-time or full-time jobs.


The bottom line

You can’t control natural disasters, but indeed you can manage your bad habits. Don’t let your free time make you a victim of anxiety and overthinking. Keep pace with your mental health by engaging yourself in productive practices and stay focused. Stay active rather than staying busy.

Get up early, eat healthy, stretch out every day, and say bye to laziness. Stop checking your phone every single minute. It’s high time to incorporate your learnings from the first wave of Covid-19 to spend the second one quite peacefully.

How are you coping with the covid-19 2nd wave. Share your thoughts with us 🙂


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