Cremate Hurt and Reinvigorate Hope

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Cremate Hurt and Reinvigorate Hope

Times have been really testing lately, and we are not even halfway through the year either. We have seen a World War 3 scare, Australian bush fires a pandemic that still is out there claiming lives, a global recession and riots and total disregard towards civil rights.

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These scenarios that we faced and are facing at the moment is going to leave us changed whether we like it or not. These events are going to shape generations to come and people all around us are trying to adapt.

Now I’m forced by a habit I have to put in a cinematic reference. I hope it compels you to watch some real cinema other than the one that has overwhelmed this medium. Anyhow back to the point, so I hope some of you are familiar with Watchmen, no not the stalker outside, the film Zack Snyder’s classic an absolute peach of a political film.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it the film takes place during the cold war era and it shows the dirty, gritty, cruel humanity at its finest. Don’t get lost in these adjectives, just hang on for a minute. I’ll tell you why it’s ever so relevant in today’s world.

So you get the gist everything is tense the doomsday clock is set, I don’t want to spoil it for the people who haven’t seen so without further ado here is how you can reinvigorate hope by:

 Listening to the silence for Hope

Shocked! Right? yes, I understand talking about hope, asking you to listen to silence. You must be thinking this writer’s gone, he has lost it. Maybe I have but here is why silence breeds hope.

Think like this, every great idea in this world has come out of isolation, silence. Every idea, everything that has changed life and world is an offspring of nothingness. So don’t be afraid of it, embrace it, listen to the deafening silence it will give you a new perspective hearing the wind when it’s blowing, the water falling on the roof, the droplets on windows.

Voices that are not shared just listen don’t stop hearing start listening. It is refreshing and important noise only distracts it will distract you from your goals. People will talk and make you feel stupid and that will push you off from your goals. Don’t give in to the noise and stay true to your path in silence.

Getting attuned with the truth for Hope

There can never be any hope without truth. Remember hope is not bred in light hope emerges in darkened alleys and closed pathways, hope breeds in despair always. If everything is fine hope becomes useless.

The first step is to accept your truth, accept the fact that we are stuck in a whirlpool at the moment globally, there is no respite in sight. Only then we can hope to move forward otherwise we will be stuck, the fantasies will feed us lies and we will never grow.

Accept that if we do not follow SOPs we will be the culprit to murdering Doctors, Paramedics, and other people. Accept that you cannot remain neutral when everything is burning and stand by justice.

Accept the fact that your resources are low and your dreams are big, that’s okay. Only by accepting the truth can you achieve hope and your goals and we can be at peace.

Don’t bury hurt, cremate it

Weird one again okay I promise this is the last one. Burying hurt won’t do it, it won’t teach you anything, cremate your hurt, preserve it and use it to drive you. Now, this may seem like a Ra’s Al Ghul dialogue from early detective comics but the truth is this is the only way it will work.

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Your hope musters up from the loss and hurts you suffered. Letting that go: is good but you still are the same person. So why not remember it cremate your hurt and use it to teach you and move on growing as a person and a community also.

Now, why did I mention Watchmen for this? Mainly because in that gritty world in that world of discrimination and hate they went along accepted the point of it all and when they discovered the fact they cannot change anything they wait for a better time to come. Till then they stay put and keep an eye out, try and change the world as much as they can.

So reinvigorate hope by not jumping on a bandwagon, by being peaceful and by doing your bit as much as you can.


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