Don’t waste time and improve your work home situation

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Don’t waste time and improve your work home situation

Everyone wants to save time, no one wants to do it however, the best advice is don't waste time, easier said than done. I can vouch for that. We are living in distressing times.

Even in a confined and suitable workplace, time wasting is an even bigger issue now, surrounded by distractions. Now how to ignore these distractions and stay true to your work and remain productive throughout this pandemic.

These are valuable times even during this pandemic all depends upon how you manage everything no need to worry about not being able to go out or nothing.

However, being distracted by family and other obligations is also a real threat towards an already turbulent productivity.

So, here is how you can manage time and also remain productive.


Time your tasks

The biggest distress is spending too much time on a simple task for some reason, binge watching a season included. This is not exactly time wasting but it is not productive either. The only way to counter is to track the amount of time we spend on each task. This is the only way we can remain productive in our pursuit of a productive day of work. So record laps, make a time diary or set alarm clocks a bit like Inception isn’t it. I know what you are thinking about another film reference, but it’s accurate isn’t it?

By timing your tasks you would have an exact idea of how much you have spent on answering an email from the client and how much time it took for you to actually get the job done.



Keep up the pace

Don’t leave pending tasks, do them as they come, don’t hold them off.  Bit of weird but you get the gist right when it comes to time management apps, but it is an important one because it also calculates active time versus idle. But it is a good one in the way that your tasks will be completed early; this relieves you from the pressure of overtime and working late. Working late from home is a bigger nuisance as compared to when you were actually going out for work.  It is a huge nuisance to work late even from home so you need to understand pending task will create anxiety and that episode 7 of the “YOU” will always evade you.



Work today

Yea this is a bit weird, but the fact is you cannot keep on pushing your work forward the best way to get rid of it is to get done with it. Working late from home can cause anxiety and stress issues. To avoid that it is necessary to keep your focus on work and this app compels you to do exactly that.

Doing this will not only help you but also will keep you free of tackling any issues regarding mismanagement during this time.



Start early

“Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. I’m still not sure about the wealth part but the rest makes sense. The best way to keep things in order is to start your day early. It gives you a huge advantage and a head start. Having a jump on time is impossible but you can have a jump over your day by starting early. Utilize the maximum part of the day in early hours, get done with long pending tasks at start and move to the high priority day task and then to the usual tasks like reporting, or posting. This way once you have planned your entire day you will cut out slack and have a fully productive day.

Doing this will not only help you but also will keep you free of tackling any issues regarding mismanagement during this time.



Breaks are important

“Take a break” , it’s important and fruitful, watch that Garry chucker video as fun, or land in the weird part of the YouTube anyway you want just take a break. You cannot go around idling just because your office got shifted to your own premises. Your idle time or break must be a specific time and not more than an hour. It is understandable that you can have a creative block, not think of anything new, it is mostly because you have overworked yourself and you need some time off to cool, perfectly normal. The proper way is to take a break for an hour, however at times we get sucked in a little deeper and restarting our work becomes a hassle. But in this environment breaks are essential, working all day will only cause losing productivity but also can be dangerous for mental health. Creative blocks are reality breaks that help tackle them. If you can manage your breaks you have already managed your day better than yesterday.


Record a journal

Remember Rorschach from the Alan Moore comic Watchmen, always started talking with a phrase : “Rorschach journal”. This is exactly what is going to help you. Record a journal of your daily activity so you don’t have anything left at the end of the day. It is always helpful to keep a proof of work. It is really handy. Even though you might think it as a waste of time, but it is really a smart way to conduct and conclude a day.



Work from home can be tedious and destructive for your productivity. So here is how you can actually be more productive and have a good time, looking back at the journal might give you further ideas.


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