How Nature Affects your Well Being

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How Nature Affects your Well Being

Now staying in touch with nature doesn’t mean spending your entire life among trees and mountains. It’s just about the balance that makes life easier.


how nature affects your well being


Have you ever wondered why do people prefer visiting lakes and hilly areas in their leisure time? Why do we feel more enthusiastic about natural views?

Let’s learn fun facts about nature.

  • Enjoyment and pleasure

Natural waterfalls between mountains rejuvenate the soul!

Calm and joy is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of nature. Nature provides a sense of freedom from all cares of life. Have you ever wondered about the psychological pleasures of nature?

The serene and slow water, the grass floor, and the blue ceiling make beautiful scenery. And all of these masterpieces are not far off from access.

An early morning walk across a nearby park can add all these colorful specs to our lives. A mindful approach towards every object generates a swirl of gratitude. It evokes a sense of wisdom, accomplishment, and optimism.


how nature affects your well being-Enjoyment and pleasure


  • Empowers resiliency

Aesthetic landscapes with open environment aids in stress recovery therapy. The long-term work or financial street breeds anxiety and depression. Confirm your tickets and present yourself with this luxurious treat. Turn off your mobile phones and let not distractions steal your moments of resilience.

But, that doesn’t mean resilience only takes place at luxurious and expensive homes. Sites equipped with greenery and access to a vast sky and sunset helps lowering cortisol and other stress hormones. Nature speaks for itself without even uttering a word. This silent speech helps regulate emotions and decrease mental distress. You can also practice resiliency by

  • You are organizing plants in your garden just the way you want to manage your life.
  • You are removing litter from your balcony to keep your surroundings clean.
  •  You are watching the sunrise to remind yourself of new opportunities.


how nature affects your well being-Resilience


  • Strengthens the human-nature relationship

It doesn’t matter where else we live on planet earth, but our love for nature is innate. Nothing can replace its impact on human health and individual traits. Despite urbanization, certain things can’t evolve. Being a part of nature, we still have an affinity for it at various physical and psychological levels.

From a physical point of view, we can’t deny the impact of natural resources on our health. Natural sunlight is a fantastic vitamin-D resource that the human body cannot synthesize from the diet. This natural light is also a tremendous energetic supplement if soaked early morning.

Psychologically, natural exposure in green spaces creates social cohesion among communities. Parents should encourage their children to take part in eco-sustainability at a younger age. This relationship will help:

  • Lower pollution
  • Distraction from social evils
  • Lessen screen time that can cause visual impairments such as computer vision syndrome and some others.
  • Enhance their creativity and spiritual connectivity


how nature affects your well being-human-nature-relationship


  • Attention restoration therapy

Due to the excessive workload and low socioeconomic status, people tend to invest more energy. They end up feeling drained out, anxious, attaining poor performance, and bad health. The multidimensional lifestyle has disturbed the brain balance and cognitive functioning of the brain.

Attention restoration therapy helps the brain to regain its stability through nature. You don’t need heavy exercises, walking, or jogging in this case. All you need is just an impactful focus on creative insights of natural view. Nature brings involuntary attention towards remarkable serene events that last longer. These events help reduce mental fatigue and improve brain functioning by breeding fresh ideas. Even short nature breaks can help. It’s all that a tired brain demands for better performance.


how nature affects your well being-attention-restoration


  • Forest bathing

Forest bathing or shirnin yoku is a simple technique of meditating among the woods. It’s a way of connecting yourself to nature. This technique is famous in Japan. It bridges the gap between the natural spirit and your soul through your sensory powers.

Connecting yourself to the outside nature makes you feel like entering another world. A world entirely of purity and away from self-made restrictions. You walk along the woods, soak in the sunlight, and breathe a scented breeze, and feel alive. It provides both physical and psychological benefits and restores aesthetic senses.


how nature affects your well being-Forest-Bathing-meditation


  • Spiritual connectivity

Nature reminds us of our lost connection to routes that lead to self-discovery. It reminds of the divine power upholding the entire universe. It reveals the paths that have connected everything with a great rhythm and balance.

Nature creates an outstanding balance among biodiversity by selecting the species with the best survival mechanism. Deep thinking about this prospect of nature can help us building a peaceful environment between ourselves and nature. Healthy self connections balance our emotions and exfoliate negative thoughts. A strong relationship with nature will always remind you of your creator and hence, the real purpose of your life.


how nature affects your well being-Spiritual-Connectivity


  • Wholesomeness of nature

There are numerous beneficial effects of staying in touch with nature.

  1. Studies have shown that exercising daily among trees or around natural sights helps concentrate better. It would ultimately help you lower your BMI, hypertension, blood pressure, and other related issues. Breathing exercises in the fresh air helps overcome negative thinking and boosts coping capacity against such thoughts.
  2. Everyday Interaction with nature makes you more grateful for the blessings that you have. Your mindful observation while walking, will help you concentrate on the present moment.
  3. Rustling sounds of leaves and the sight of fresh flowers in the morning activates senses. The more you focus, the more you will get connected to this beautiful rhythm of energy. It will help you to improve mood swings and lowers stress hormones. Hence nature can uplift anxiety and depression.
  4. More time with nature will automatically let you spend lesser time with your phone. It will help you get rid of that social trauma you see every day on the internet. Nature will help you enhance your immunity against minor anxiety pricks. It also influences our social interaction with people around us. Introduce yourself to the diversity of nature and let it help you bloom better.


how nature affects your well being-Wholeness-of-nature


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