How to communicate when you need help

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How to communicate when you need help

Effective communication can fix faulty relationships. But often, we feel discouraged and unwilling to talk. Isn’t it so?

Let’s learn today how to communicate when you need help.

Well, before starting the advisory part, I would like to share my stigma. I had been into it, and I know exactly how it feels to express your depression or anxiety. I just kept on hiding from people around me and felt so scared about my condition. But I think we suffer twice because we haven’t mastered the art of sharing and asking for help. 


Prepare yourself for effective listening

Don’t just hear!

Attention creates a vast difference. When you are listening to someone, pay attention, and listen carefully. Make the other person/persons feel the worth of their speech. Absorb that qualitative information in their comments.

Being active and calm throughout the whole conversation would comfort the speaker. Let them convey their point of view and try to understand it carefully. Understand their words and try to reach their point of view.

Evaluate your tone and incorporate peace in it. Build a peaceful environment from within and also around yourself. You’ll agree how minimal mess speeds up recovery. Practice effective listening to master the art of healing from the inside.


Don’t be hypersensitive

Don’t rush to conclusions. Now, stop reading their minds and jump for results. Remember! It’s probably not your job to think on their behalf. Depression gives birth to negative assumptions, just like:

  • He might think I’m not a perfect match for him.
  • She might be interested in someone else. That’s why she isn’t paying me any attention.
  • My kids probably want a better mother.
  • I might be a burden to my family.
  • No one wants a sick life partner like me.

Now, you know what? Your loved ones love you for who you are, not for what you think of yourself. Just don’t miss out on them and remind them of your existence through your compassion. Prepare yourself for misunderstood judgments but don’t give up hope for better results. Come back with more kind behavior.


Dont be hypersensitive


You just need to stop self-criticism

Criticism itself isn’t a bad thing.  The problem arises when we favor destructive thinking. We have confused our minds with complications. Evaluating yourself is way more different than criticizing it. We don’t take constructive criticism when we are in an unhealthy mental state. It shatters self-confidence and ignites self-worth. Self-critiques often hurt themselves by such hurting phrases:

  • I’m a failure.
  • I can’t make things work because I’m not good enough.
  • I can’t start a business because I failed badly in high school.

Stop recalling these negative experiences and live in the present moment. Practice self-love and mindfulness. Stop judging yourself from a destructive point of view. Have a clear and positive insight into yourself. Then what if you failed in high school? Give yourself a thousand reasons to move forward. You’re a loving partner, friend, and parent.



Open up to those who you think will understand you

A beautiful thing about healthy discussion is that it clears misunderstandings. People with unstable mental health hesitate to ask for help for fear of being judged. It’s normal and expected when invited to the wrong person. Just don’t be a cage for your emotions. Share your pains and complications with a friend, lover, or family member who you think will support you. But sometimes we are even more comfortable with strangers. Whoever is ready to be on your side, just let them help you come out of this dilemma.

Let them know how suicidal you get while overthinking minor things. Just take the baby steps and try overcoming your complications. But that doesn’t mean he or she will fix everything at your place.



Stay connected

Last time when did you make a call to your best friend? Did you let them know how much you are missing them?

People who are suffering from anxiety or emptiness ignore their urge to check in with their friends. Make a long call to your old friend or sibling. Release your happy or sad emotions that you have been holding on to for so long. Isolation breeds more complications and creates room for anxiety.



Hang out with your loved ones

Don’t cut off from the outside world just to please your unproductive comfort zone. Now, I know it might offend you because you have been hiding for so long. You have convinced yourself that you will only feel secure while sitting on your rocking chair. You think you might feel better at home. But this is what you think, not the reality.

Break your self made walls of negativity around you. Come out of this comfort zone that isn’t comforting you. The goal is just to stay happy and keep yourself alive. Plan an outing with your friends.

  • Join a health or fitness club
  • Go for a walk daily and meet new people.
  • Meet your new neighbors and invite them to dinner at your place.



Practice the art of forgiveness

Stop judging and start living. Begin it with yourself and then move to the outside world. We quickly get offended while being depressed, and believe me, that’s pretty normal. But, something can help and learn how to forgive yourself and people who offend you.

  • It’s okay if they don’t understand your point of view. Don’t stop giving your best.
  • It’s okay if you were unable to host your friends well. Try better next time.
  • What’s not okay is messing up within yourself and cutting off from people you love.
  • Forgive even it’s hard to do so. It will generate positive vibes that will eventually come back to you.
  • Be humble and smile more often at people you don’t even like at all. The love you give always come back to you in one way or another.


Now that you have learned how to cope with negativities that overcome your urge to ask for help. Just reach out for help and make things easier for yourself.

Thanks for reading. Share your feedback with us in the comment section 🙂



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