How to Improve your Consciousness and Positivity

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How to Improve your Consciousness and Positivity

Here are some ways to live in conscious way. Raising your vibration rate affects the collective consciousness of earth as well as helps you live with great ease.


Improve your consciousness and Positivity


So it is really a win-win situation. Take what makes you feel good, skip if any of the following points make you feel heavy and move on to the next point.


  • Have the intention

If you just have the intention to raise your state of consciousness, you are on the right track. Because having the positive intention alone will make you feel more focused on finding the ways and working on it.


  • Identify your goal

Finding your purpose on earth will make you feeling more worthy and make conscious decisions and choices in your life. When you take conscious control of all your decisions, you actually activate certain neural pathways in your brain that help promote calmness, self-control and peace. Whenever you allow others to control your decisions or you don’t take the responsibility of your decisions, you become conditioned to be less conscious when making choices.


  • Be Open Minded

Being open-minded is key for becoming a more conscious individual. When you don’t accept the diversity that our planet offers ranging from different religions, beliefs and cultures, you will stay in same state of consciousness or drop to lower state.


  • Pursue Higher Intelligence

There are many types of intelligence, not everyone is intelligent in every area of life. Some people have higher I.Q, some have high EQ (Emotional Intelligence), while some are more spiritually intelligent. Try to increase and enhancing all forms of intelligence will help you on your journey of becoming more aware and conscious human being.


  • Respect Yourself

Having a sense of self-respect can help you fulfill your potential and develop healthy and strong relationships that will make everyone around you a person who is worthy of respect. Make wise and respectful decisions that reflect your values and have strong respect for your personal beliefs.


  • Practice Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself becomes difficult sometimes: especially if you are in a lower state of consciousness but if we practice and continue to acknowledge, let go and forgive, we will learn self-forgiving and eventually learn to forgive those who hurt us and wish good for them. It not doubt takes a tremendous strength to wish joy for the people who do wrong with you but its also the most important step to free yourself. Everyone deserves a joyful life. If you master this level of compassion and forgiveness, your heart will always be free of worry and full of love. So, ultimately you will raise your consciousness and vibration rate.


  • Do Exercise

Physical activities like sports and exercise will raise consciousness by promoting healthy brainwave patterns, healthy neurotransmitter levels and circulation in nervous system. You feel better about your appearance and yourself by doing some physical activity which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.


  • Connect with Nature

Go for walk in some park with bare feet, feel the softness of grass and sooth yourself by seeing greenry, feel the rain, visit some jungle or zoo. You will feel a deep sense of calmness and peace when attempt to connect with nature.


  • Practice meditation

Spend some time with yourself silently, listen to your inner-self and observe the surroundings. It will reduce anxiety and allow you to get deeper level of physical relaxation, discipline, focus, concentration and deeper joyous connection to life. Also read about 7 ways how meditation can transform you.


  • Connect with Prayer

The act of offering prayer has a great power to strengthen yourself spiritually and has a great potential to aid in conscious awareness.

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