How to make life better everyday: 7 Steps

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How to make life better everyday: 7 Steps

It seems an easy solution to stay in cozy blankets and cry over our failures. But let me tell you, my friend, that victory is beyond your comfort zone.


How to make life better everyday: 7 Steps


Stop waiting for the right moment and start working right now. Subtle changes in our daily routine can help make our days better than before. Let’s dive deep into some essential steps and learn how to make them work.


How to Overcome procrastination and make everyday exciting

It’s crucial to understand the difference between being lazy and procrastinating.

Procrastination is an act of delaying a distasteful yet essential task. Unaccomplished goals can add fuel to the fire in terms of depression, anxiety, and unemployment. If identified at an earlier stage, it can help save your productivity and positive energy.

Exercise these strategies to overcome short to long-term episodes of procrastination.

  • Start your task right now.
  • Start with the most critical and challenging part because your energy level is right in the beginning.
  • Stay organized and build a productive working environment around yourself.
  • Minimize your distractions
  • Last but not least, keep on reminding yourself that you can do it.


Overcome procrastination and make everyday exciting


How to Attain a healthy lifestyle and make yourself feel better everyday

Crack your lazy routine and make your today better than yesterday. Brush your teeth and grab a glass of fresh drinking water and feel the nature flowing inside you.

We have often heard, “We are what we eat.” Start your day with a healthier breakfast. Ensure that you are not missing your daily intake of fiber, vitamins, and a mineral-rich diet.

  • Take a blanched amount of probiotics and prebiotics. Just don’t overeat!
  • Stretch or workout daily. It doesn’t only build muscles, but it also helps lowering stress and anxiety.
  • Meditate and go out for a walk daily. Pay some attention to productive natural vibes.
  • Don’t mess with your sleep. A good rest of a minimum of 5-7 hours provides energy for our brain to work better.



How to Read and make better daily routine

Befriend with books, and you won’t regret it. For me, it helped me lower my distractions and anxiety. Now here I would like to break the stereotype of avoiding bad books. Read all kinds of books and choose what helps you grow better.  Mark Manson in his famous book says that,

“Accepting one’s negative experience itself is a positive experience.”
The subtle art of not giving a f*ck.


There are gazillions of benefits of reading productive stuff. Read, read, and read enough! It will help you generate ideas for writing better and expand your vocabulary. It will also let you know how good you are at remembering different characters and their roles. A strange yet unusual fact about reading books is that it helps combat loneliness. You might have heard:

“A reader lives a thousand lives.” And that’s true, my friend. I remember the lessons I have collected from my favorite literature. It does not just help you grow out of pains but also lets you learn the art of nature.


Read and make better daily routine


How to Invest more in your skills and make your life better everyday

Experts are always in demand. Do you think your existing skills are enough to meet the challenges of everchanging technology?

Honestly, keep on updating your skillset. Plan out your schedule and make room for new skills. You’re never too old to learn something new.  Conquer your fears, invest time in learning more about your existing skills and make everyday interesting.

I’ve learned that growth isn’t a linear process; you need to overcome your hurdles and reinvent yourself. Sometimes, we just need a self-detox. A detox to cut off our toxic traits and relationships that hinder our ways to a serene life.


Invest more in your skills


How to Be a good listener and make everyday things better

Everyone out there knows how to speak well, but not everyone is a good listener. Now, being a good listener means absorbing positive and productive vibes from others. It will add a bonus point to your communication skills. People will understand that you worth their words. Pay more attention to what nature is trying to add to your perception.

Listen to yourself carefully; it will help you cure loneliness. Talk to yourself with a positive approach. An approach that empowers and reminds you of your destination.


Effective Listening


How to Practice gratitude and make your life better everyday

Gratitude is an act of saying thanks or making positive compliments. Now, I genuinely don’t mean to bore you at all. Gratitude pays off. It doesn’t always mean to say thanks to every freaking thing, even the one that hurts. But don’t you think avoiding negativity is also a hostile action. At least you would learn something new.

  • The simplest way to practice gratitude is to keep a journal that knows all your blessed moments. Try to extract positivity out of your negative experiences and pen them down in your diary.
  • Smile often at people around you. Let them know how much you love them. Now, this exercise will help you radiate positive energy. This positive energy will eventually come back to you.
  • Encourage yourself to express your love for nature; this will also help you have better physical health.
  • Make a call or send a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while.


Be a good listener and make everyday things better


How to have Social detox and make life simple everyday

Yeah, you read it write. Avoid toxic social networking. You keep on seeing happy faces on social media and feel that gap in your real life. Let me break a hard fact upon you:

“No one posts about their failures, and not everyone is even happy.”

Go for a social detox and feel the difference. You will stop comparing yourself to those glamorous faces and start living simple life.
Read more about Why and How simpler life is better
It helps improving focus on daily routine and boosts productivity.


Practice gratitude and make your life better everyday


The bottom line

Keep on adding good moments to the challenging journey of your life and strive to make it better. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and end it by writing your gratitude journal. Know the subtle line difference between laziness and procrastination and take action accordingly. Have a positive insight about life, but prepare yourself for bad days as well.

Rather than avoiding negativity, try to encounter and learn from it. Learn from your weak days and never stop building a healthier future. Consistency is an essential element, so keep on exercising these good habits and make your life better than before.

Thanks for reading. Share it with others and let us know in the comment section what you do for making your everyday exciting and better 🙂


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