Know your Worth

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Know your Worth

Leading an unsuccessful life by not knowing our self-worth is a dilemma of a lot of people. it's like a venom spread inside and destroys you completely.


know your worth


We just do injustice to ourselves by not truly knowing “us”. There’s a treasure inside every person which, if discovered, can turn our life from trash to treasure and that treasure is “Your Worth”.

Man is called the crown of all creations. This divine saying is unveiling the honor of every man on this earth. Have we ever thought why we were called so? it’s because of our knowledge and intelligence which is bestowed upon us but we have dilapidated ourselves by not getting aware of our self-worth. There is an ocean of intellect running inside every person. All we need is to have a bathymetrical eye that can totally transform our way of thinking about ourselves.

We have heard inspirational stories of many people who have done and are doing some phenomenal work and are highly appreciated. Were they all born with a stamp of success?

No absolutely not!

They just discovered their worth, identified the hidden qualities layer by layer and then followed the path that led them to the way of success…If they had not been aware of their self-worth, they would have not marked their name…we just need to dive inside and bring out the best version of ourselves.

When you truly decide to know your worth, you’ll see the gates of success being opened for you. It will introduce you to the new “YOU” that is confident, independent, and optimistic.


Why don’t we know our worth?

Here are some reasons that are responsible for this:


  • We are confused:

In this era of chaos we all are so confused. We are unable to concentrate on Us. We look upon other people and appreciate their effort but we don’t look inside us.


  • We are Demotivated:

There are some black sheep’s around us that put us in in inferiority complexes. They demotivate us and we feel a big halt between our success and personality.


  • We compare a lot:

We are in a habit of comparing ourselves with others and that makes us feel useless. we feel that we don’t have ability like other this makes us even more worthless and unable to take action.


  • We talk or think more but act less:

We waste our energy and esteem only in planning, and don’t take action. This also discourages us to know our worth. Because if we don’t come out of our comfort zone and take action, we won’t be able to know exactly of our self-worth.


How can you know your worth?

Inventions take a great deal of time but discoveries, on the other hand, is dependent on taking an initiative.  You do have a self-worth. All you need is to discover it. Below are a few points that can help you a lot:


  • Give yourself some quality time

It is said the time you give yourself for a purpose is a time you are honest with. For getting aware of your self-worth you have to give yourself some quality time. Sit alone in a corner of your home where there are no distractions, close your eyes by keeping away all the fears and worries you carry with yourself and concentrate. Think about yourself, about your potential and about your strength. Repeat it on daily basis and believe me it can unveil undiscovered areas of your personality.


  • Stay optimistic:

Optimistic approach is one of the keys to solve problems of your life including pulling out your self-worth. The more positive you are, the more worth you gain.


  • Don’t compare yourself with others:

Comparing yourself with others can damage your self-esteem. Every person is gifted differently by Almighty. You are an ‘individual’ with a different potential and have got some different qualities. You cannot be like another person and no one can be like you.


  • Motivate yourself (Self-Motivation):

It doesn’t matter how many motivational videos you have watched or how many inspiring stories you have read. They are useless unless you motivate yourself.


  • Remove toxic people from your life:

In life, you come across many people who are always on the lookout for belittling you. They are a big hurdle in the way of your self-discovery. They hurt your self-esteem so hard that you break into pieces and resultantly, you’re left with a damaged personality. The best solution is to remove these toxic people from your life, no matter who they are. If they are not being helpful in building your self-esteem and bringing the best out of you, rather deteriorating the situation by letting you down, just remove them one by one since they don’t deserve to be in your life and you deserve better.


  • Cut off from abusive relationship:

Continuing to live in an abusive relationship is a recipe for disaster. Cutting yourself off from it can bring unbelievable results. An abusive relationship hurts your worth, and makes you shallow from the inside.

Remember you are valuable and no person or relation on this earth has right to degrade you. choose your worth over the wounds.


  • Stop hearing your inner critic:

Put a deaf ear to your inner critic since it can be misleading. The more you listen to it, the more you loose your worth. Focus on the inner encouraging voice and follow it. Continued struggle will help build an incredible version of yourself which is full of worth.


  • You are never late to find your worth:

Last but not the least, discovering your “self-worth” has little to do with your age. It really doesn’t matter what your age is. You are neither too late nor you are too early to find it. The moment you start thinking about it, you begin to find out your “self-worth”.


Remember you are worthwhile, created for a special purpose. You have a valued gift called ‘life’ and it is given you to make it a success. You have worth and your worth is priceless. All you need is to know it and the time you get to know about your self-worth, you’ll see the magic and the difference it brings to your life.

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