New Year: A blank Canvas to be filled

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New Year: A blank Canvas to be filled

We got another year for new beginning. A blank slate to do anything with it….to image new possibilities and to become a new person.

It is indeed available to us as any moment and any second is a fresh, another opportunity, a chance to let go and start over again, a blank canvas to be filled with anything we want to create in life. Imagine this new year an empty house and which important things to place in it. Question yourself: Do you want to

  • Place only most important relationships, work or commitments or distractions?
  • Read books, create something new or keep on checking social media?
  • Be more compassionate, mindful and whole-hearted in your life?
  • Be more healthy, more physically and mentally active?
  • Have better and greater focus on your meaningful and productive work?
  • Be more disciplined and organized?
  • Simplify your life?


Just pick a handful and spread it over the year. Take this beautiful to re-imagine your life 🙂


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