Power of Emotional Intelligence

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Power of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence distinguishes the leader from the follower, the doer from the talker and winner from the looser. For our life is the product of choices and for better choices we need to be emotionally fit.

Most of the people are gripped by Intellectual Ability (IQ) that they almost ignore the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) , which plays defining role not in workplace but also in one’s physical , social and mental health.

Power of Emotional Intelligence

Understanding of your emotions enable you to live a fulfilled life. Your progress in external world become ceaseless when you learn how to manage your internal world(emotions). The result of emotional intelligence is rewarding: an optimistic life with fewer chances of anxiety, disappointment and depression. The essentials for building EQ are reduction in stress, enhancement in focus and improvement in inter and intra-personal communication. Following are the techniques that you can use to be better in essential areas to build emotional intelligence.


Reduce Stress Instantly

You are the product of your decisions. But when you are stressed, you lose the ability to make wise decisions. Emotions prevail the reason and impair your ability to assess the problems and the best ways to rectify them. Life never gives too many second chances, so it’s important to make right move on the first chance. In order to learn how to reduce stress you first need to understand how it feels like and how you respond to stress. What changes stress bring in your mind? How it make you agitated, frustrated, anxious or frustrated. Once you discovered the answer of these questions, it’s time to find ways to help you relive stress. Based on the ways you respond to sensory input, engage in things that are naturally soothing , calming and energizing. For example, if you know there is a friend who always amuses you with creative jokes, it’s time to phone him.


Focus on Emotions to develop Emotional Awareness

It’s the bitter truth that we are unaware of our emotions. There are some emotions that are not instant, but learned over a long period. Perhaps they are the result of our childhood negative experience.

It’s very important to be aware of these emotions and accept them as a part of your reality 🙂


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