Reflect and Know Yourself

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Reflect and Know Yourself

Isolation and self-quarantine have had us all trapped with our demons which mostly mean we are eating at most irregular times, midnight cravings at 3 am. Waking up at 2 pm.

Mostly our lives have turned topsy turvy not leaving out the fact that it was perfect in the first place, but it was not confined to a room or a house. From traveling out we have been confined to traveling to the kitchen. Anyhow what’s done is done, not everything in this lockdown is gloomy apart from your room which can be changed by just having the light on.

Speaking of which, light is the answer to most of our questions. So instead of devouring our dark minds which I mostly am a victim of, yes I know not the best person to advise you on this topic. However, there is a trick I learned while watching: “The Gentlemen” which I might add is a wonderful film. So here is what I learned and I think is very wonderful and is indeed and here what it is:


Yea I know what you are thinking, another self-realization blog copied from the internet. But hear me out, or better yet read me out. The first part of being positive in these hard times whether we like to admit it or not is being self-accountable. Now how to do that? Everyone talks about it. The easiest way to do so is to maintain a daily journal. Now it may seem odd at first, but it works, yea I know it doesn’t have anything to do with “The Gentleman” but it kinda does I’ll explain it in a moment.

So the first step is to maintain a journal record your entire day on it. This is how it all starts.


This is the next step to reflect upon yourselves. This is self-acceptance. The one person you are going to be spending a lot of time with is yourself. If you cannot accept yourself for being yourself this is going to be a hard lockdown. The most common thing is that you keep yourself in check at all times. This can be done easily by going over the daily activities that would help you get to know yourself. The key to this lockdown is to get to know yourself.


The third step is to self reflect although all the above mentioned things are synonymous to this also but all have different uses. Now you are going to be spending a lot of time with yourself so it’s high time that you improve yourself also after acceptance. You can do that simply by reflecting at your own behavior now this lockdown or isolation can get prolonged.

At times it will get depressive and traumatic also you will be thinking about all the stupid decisions you made in late teens and is going to make you spend sleepless nights. So how about this to improve your personal skills talk in the mirror, smile in the mirror also. Watch how you walk, be more confident, and spend this time reflecting upon your habits.  So once this is over you walk out from your castle of fortitude you will come out as a new person. A well-endowed person. An informed person

Now how is it related to “The Gentleman”? .The only reason McConaugh’s character survived in London despite being an American was only due to his ability to know himself to an arms-length. And most of us can’t say that. So, reflect upon yourselves and try to comprehend yourselves better. Only then you’ll be able to choose a path for yourself.


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