Stop Stereotypical Thinking: Let the women study

Rabbia FarooqOctober 21, 20184min0

Stop Stereotypical Thinking: Let the women study

The literacy rate of Pakistan is even less than many developing countries like Bangladesh and Sri lanka, to cope up with the developed countries is just like a dream. The main reason of this is the ratio of literacy rate of men and women.

In a country in which half or even more than half population is of female and the literacy ratio is of 65:40 of men and women, how an such a country get progress in education. Another reason of this situation is stereotypical thinking of our society which is a huge hurdle in the progress of women education.

Many parents are illiterate they don’t know the importance of education, because they are not educated, they don’t even want to educate their girls. I’m amazed to know that in this 21st century of global village there are still such parents who wish to have a boy baby first, this situation is very alarming to us, but unfortunately we are more and more indulge in this.


Stop Stereotypical Thinking: Let the women study


There are still such villages where they bury the girl child. The other group is even more stereotyped if they don’t burn or bury their daughters; they keep them to home in the name of their so called “parda”. Even such peoples or thoughts are still existing who want their boys to study more than girls because they think the girl will to other home after marriage and will have no use to them. The financial issue is even bigger than many, if by gods will there is any group who really want to educate their girls; they become the victim of “Pakistani private mehngi taleem” system.

Our government is also not playing any remarkable role in this situation. Private schooling system is getting in in fashion which is only in the range of some 5% population of Pakistani awaam. There are many other stereotypical thoughts which are hurdles in the educational progress of women. The term “freedom of expression” is also somehow related to this situation. People even think that if girls will get educated they will get out of control of their hands. This boldness is not so much common yet but some voices of it are present which have become a NO sign board for other girls.

To support girls and females in getting education is the need of the hour. Even our religion has promoted women education and in many verses ALLAH almighty emphasized on importance of women education. Many English, Arabic and Latin scholars also forced on the education of girls. It is a fact that in this age of technology and race of success and money there is a dire need of women education so they can play positive role in country progress. Private and public both sectors must get involved in this situation to promote and improve the standard of women education. Awareness campaign and seminars must be conducted.

Parents must be informed about daughters education and also the girls and females, so we can also become a free stereotypical thoughts state.

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