Who is controlling us? A tale of Politics

Proudly we all are Muslims, there is only one Allah almighty handling the whole universe. But unfortunately there are some gods on this earth too. The one who is ruling the man, the one who is dealing with the money, the one who made the man starve the one who has made the man forget even HIS God.

This earth is a race of money and wealth, and the one who cross the winning line only has the right to live on this land. The whole population of earth and the whole resources of this earth have a definite proportion but we see a complete concentration of wealth in small hands.

Let’s narrow down our topic, comes to Pakistan. The population of Pakistan is 1.9 million. But the 60% of the population is below the poverty scale. Only 20-30% is living the life of mediocre. The 20 families who are ruling the politics of Pakistan is only living the luxury life. This is the actual facts of our country. These are the people to whom I labeled as the Gods of Earth.

These Gods of Earth have specific features and characteristics which are almost known to every one of us. They live in such houses which worth more than the life of a person. They eat food which worth more than the food of a big family. Their bathrooms are much bigger than the house of many of us. Their dogs eat food which worth in pounds. They travel in vehicles which cost more than the oil production of our country. Their clothes are just like the costumes of whole film actors although they look just alike. This is just the little detail of their outer appearance. But what is actually their bank accounts have is of little secret which gives its glimpse in the form of Panama case which has flickered the fire now.

In a long run these little gods are the politicians of Pakistan, Pakistani political history is not hidden from anyone, even every child of us has a complete sense that in which political era we are living. If we go back to the history of Pakistan, we see that these gods even exist in that time too. At that time those who oppose the formation of Pakistan for the political circumstances and their own personal interest were the gods of land, who only for the sake of their own interest lead the people to the wrong path and made them suffer and pulled out their own lives from them.

These gods have a large progeny. We will list some of them. The eldest one is corruption. We define corruption as a phenomenon of dishonesty and fraudulent conduct by those who are in the power, typically involving bribery. Almost every department of the government is under the label of corruption.

The other one is the lack of nationality, this one is little naughty. Lack of nationality doesn’t disturb the international level but disintegrates their people at national level. This lack of nationality has not only minimized the love between us but also the sense of nationalism, which has the main source of economic power and national stability.

Another one is security dilemma, this one is the most serious one, because it has relational terms with others. This term has great importance for national interest. The different wars fought among the different gods were due to security dilemma. The rival gods of two nations ie India and Pakistan has always security dilemma issues due to that we have faced three major wars and many verbal one too.

These rival gods even exists in the international world, due to that we have suffered World War 1 and 2 and the cold war. These big negative gods have caused the whole world suffering from personal to national loss.

The little one is named as terrorism. We define terrorism as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. This terrorism has caused many lives to death. Many wives to widow, many daughters to orphans and many mothers to childless. Almost 50 thousand people have lost their lives, and 80 billion dollars money lost has caused by terrorism to Pakistan. And 1.3 million people have directly or indirectly killed in the terrorist attacks. The major events in the international history are 9/11 of America history and the major wars are afghan invasion which started the production of terrorist in the world. The terrorist attacks and the cases in the Pakistan are countless now.

The little one is the lack of justice and inequality. We live in a two class system society. The one is elite class and the other one is suffering class, the middle one is mediocre. This is just like the sandwich. The middle one always suffered more than both of but at the same time they enjoy some securities and insurance too.

The list of off springs is so big that this small piece of writing will not be sufficient. Lack of education which has statistics as Pakistan has literacy rate of 57% which has include those who can read and write their name. This lack of education has affected our mentality and vision of thinking which make us the conservative ones.

The unemployment is also the known one. The crime rate and suicide rate are the arms of it.  The societal evils are the branches of unemployment. The child labor, domestics’ violence and national crisis, lack of human labor is also the family members.

There is a long way of negative thoughts and negative aspects of society and our world. The need of the hour is to stop these gods from further flourishing and keep unity among our people. These all can be obtained by minimizing the individual interests and preferring the national interest.

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