Things We can’t Live Without

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Things We can’t Live Without

Yeah okay I know what you’re thinking here he is again corny topics and all. But I promise this one is different, it really is different. We have been locked up in our homes for more than 60 days. We have made the journey from “it's fine” to “quarantine challenge” to “binge-watching every show on Netflix” to “I can’t breathe”.

Now let’s talk about the things we can’t live without. As we have seen the world evolve from what it was to a sphere of continuous calamity, I am just proud that I made this perfect oxymoron. Anyhow. But have we learned anything from all this? Or are we gonna keep on making the same mistakes, live the same careless lives.

The question can only be answered by time. So I thought about it, yes I did, and I was minding my own business. Like literally, I was working on this new project about how to make spying okay. No, I do not work for the CIA, I work for whoever asks me to work which is kind of creepy but hey it pays the bills so yea.

I thought that we have made a journey of a century and the entire year remains. What we have learned about ourselves. Here is what I think we learned about ourselves, here are the things we cannot absolutely function without:

We can’t live without minding our own business

Now don’t be surprised we all have been prying a little too much in each other’s lives the reason for this may be because we cannot be with them so we become a part of their lives to the extent of toxicity.

Now it might seem a little strange that why would I talk about this, here is why this tells me one more thing we cannot function without society so all those quotes about loneliness you wrote during your high school chemistry class tear them up.

It’s a good thing just when it is over make sure you keep a check on each other ask them if they need help, be with people and be a good person.

We can’t live without social networking

Yea it’s coherent, isn’t it? Stay with me in this one. We have overwhelmed social media with content during this pandemic in the hope of passing time. But really why did we saturate it?

The answer is simple: we want to be a part of something, a movement, a discussion. Now with us not being present on the spot physically social media allowed us to participate in these debates regarding moral and ethical issues.

What this tells us is that no form of communication is remotely equivalent to communication done face to face. So when this is over remember to go to your talk-to person. Have a lengthy and heart-changing discussion with him or her.

We can’t live without daily adventures

Yea that is right no Netflix in this list, let me tell you the reason for that. No one got infected in theatres or no one was rushing for theatres when they put us in our homes. All we wanted was to go out. Go to a park nearby, go jog, or whatever the bottom line is we want to go put do some senseless stuff and make the most of our life.

As indispensable, we thought Netflix or any other website streaming shows was it really is not. Once this is all over you are going to witness a boom in parks and picnic spots and that will clearly prove my point.

Although movies and shows are a good time pass I mean imagine me saying this I practically abandoning my degree and all, but the truth is we can live without them.

We can’t live without going out for a daily dose of adventure even when your routine is as monotonous as an office going person, you still do miss those days.

So here were a few things we can’t live without that I thought about while working, and another thing we cannot live without if you are a fan is the return of live sport or that new Dennis Villeneuve’s “Dune”  seems like a gem already from the stills and teasers. You might know him from Bladerunner if you are a fan, but I can’t live without that too.

Remember, in the end all that matters is how do we recover from this abyss that we have been thrown into, and I am pretty hopeful that it is going to be a good one once we get out of this.

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