Universe is on Your Side

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Universe is on Your Side

Oftentimes in life, things don’t work as they should (as we imagined them to be) and that is the point where our beliefs are broken.

The most painful thing in this world is when a judgment that we made in our mind and strongly deemed true is taken away. Lifetime is a long span of making and breaking our belief system. A human mind judges, creates, innovate, break, and adapt. This is how a belief is created and retained and ultimately destroyed.


Faith is the state of complete trust; trust in the goodness of the universe, trust in the just and observant eye of nature. When things get unwanted we tend to lose focus very easily. We get offended and disappointed. However, the feelings are temporary, and thoughts come and go but we create this belief that the problem is permanent.


This assumption clouds our decisions and seizes our opportunity to grow. We miss chances and lose hope causing us to be stuck in an ending loop of doubt. Is the universe really on our side?


If you look back in life you will notice that things usually get settled. Miracles don’t happen but the very nature of the universe is Continuous change. Nothing in our lives stays the same and if you see it closely this is our salvation. Even life doesn’t stay forever and ultimately comes to an end. Similarly time changes, circumstance alters and the bad becomes good. Nothing is permanent and that is what makes life worthwhile.

When life knocks you don’t surrender to your faith. If you don’t have faith, collect it. Surrender to the possibility that something amazing is on the corner.


Realize that failure is not the fall rather the turn towards something much better. Remember always, you cannot change everything but you can always change what you feel and think. Don’t underestimate your powers.

Until then.



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  • Cedric Noronha

    November 29, 2020 at 5:25 PM

    Very good post. Highly motivational and nicely written. Keep up the good work.


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