The Use of Technology to develop good habits

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The Use of Technology to develop good habits

We often shift the responsibility of our bad habits like bad spellings and distraction to the smart phones but our smart phones, computers laptops and other gadgets can help us built good habits. If we learn the right use of technology, these devices can help us break the bad habits by creating new habits that replace bad ones.

Use of technology to develop good habits


A habit is a behavior that becomes a pattern, something we used to do so much that it becomes the part of our subconscious that makes bad habits dangerous as we can’t stop them  and good habits amazingly powerful.

The use of gadgets including phone make you addictive but same things can help you follow through your plans and goals. Make the time you spend on cell phone more worthy with these steps.

Choose the context:

To start a good habit, consider when and where you want this to happen. For example, if you want to start the habit of flossing your teeth every day, decide where (bathroom, bedroom or somewhere else in your house) you will do it and when (morning, after dinner ?)
Create the formula, build the trigger for it. You know your phone, watch or some other gadget can set reminder for you at specific day and time.

Make Routine:

Once you have figured out when and how to prompt your habit, you c an use more apps to structure or guide the habit routine.

Get Rewarded:

Reward is what turned a repeated action into habit. By having an association between doing something and getting the payoff we train the brain to crave that habit. Tech can help here too by giving an immediate reward or offering other kinds of reinforcements. The key is to know what actually motivates you.

The different tech tricks that help you from good habits are as useful when it comes to breaking bad habits is to replace it with good habits. The tech is now control to many of our routines. The reason we spend so much time on technology is because it makes it too easy to make new, and exciting habits.

So the same qualities that make tech a zone for developing bad habits also make it very promising for making new habits we want. Just learn to use technology to trigger, formulate, and reward the habits. Maybe you develop the most powerful habits of all; using you phone and other gadgets more consciously or intentionally and less compulsively.


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