Ways of Peace

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Ways of Peace

Peace of mind, tranquility, serenity all seem like words from a Paulo Coehlo novel in today's world when life has moved light years from what it was.

Where productivity and objectivity have a love-hate relationship, where depression and hustle walk hand in hand, also where everything is measured in terms of profit and advantages.Although an antithesis is that more successful a man is more at peace the mind is, to this very statement a certain Bruce Wayne would be shaking his head.  Another corny reference? But you get the point right.

Now success is a determinant factor of peace no doubt but sacrificing your peace for a certain level of achievement is also not a good idea. However one cannot stay stranded in a single monotonous place all their life as it is peaceful, that is just procrastination and we all know how dangerous that is to the human mind.

So as  “I was walking along in the narrow streets of cobblestone, neath the halo of a street lamp I turned my collar to a cold and damp”, as I saw a flash of neon light I saw an idea of how we can ensure peace of mind. And please tell me you get that reference. Otherwise, I’ll have to write a blog on unforgettable classics and how millennials need a re-introduction to the roots of cinema and music itself, that’s for later though.

So here are is how you can ensure your peace of mind:

Understand your purpose

The purpose in life is always a great debate, one often rediscovers their purposes in life after some time. That is perfectly alright if that is something you do a lot there is nothing wrong with that. Humans evolve, ask Denis Villeneuve the guy has accolades of the film having this as a theme i-e evolution, regeneration, and all of that.

So, understand your purpose so you can be peaceful and know your path. Restlessness and anxiety come with uncertainty and purposelessness, to battle this it is important that you take your time and discover your purpose, decide your path, and stick to it.

This is the best way to calm the storm within you and trust me that storm has nothing to do with productivity and driving you forward unless that forward is the depth of deception and darkness you ain’t moving nowhere. So take your time understanding your purpose and stick to the path.

Stay in your time zone

Ask Bary Allen about this one he will tell you to stay in your own zone. Everything has a specific time, every flower blooms at its own time you cannot rush it, you cannot rush a cocoon becoming a butterfly. All things of beauty achieve epitome in their own time rushing it will only cause chaos, water a Cactus too much too early it’ll die.

Same is the phenomenon with humans, you and me, we will achieve our destinies in due time not too early, not too late. So, understand the fact that we all have a journey to conclude in life we will all reach our destinations in time, work hard no doubt, don’t chase wrong leads, avoid shortcuts. Yes working hard doesn’t feel peaceful at all but this is the journey we must take. We will all reach our destiny so don’t rush it, take the foot off the gas, sink a little in the driving seat, out on that country music you don’t listen in front of your friends, and relax.

Enjoy your off time

Had to put it in here, tried not to. But couldn’t resist. Holidays or weekends are essential working too much will lead to exhaustion and is clinically unhealthy so take some time for your body and keep yourself relaxed, have jazz on and stretch in the living room, put on that nighty or that p-jay dance on the tunes you want, watch that one flick you have been holding back. Remember that for your mind to be peaceful it is important that you yourself are at peace.

These are a few things that can help you become peaceful in this mass pandemic and these trying times. Remember for you to be fully productive you need to understand that mind is the most important asset of all.

Keep it safe and preserved and keep it fresh. These are little going to factors that can really help you be productive and also move on easily and quickly.

So remain positive, understand your purpose, accept the fact that you are constantly changing as your scenarios are and in the end keep moving on 🙂



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