Why and How Simpler Life is Better

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Why and How Simpler Life is Better

Well, simplicity and purity are two wings with which a person can soar above the earth. Simplicity allows you to live in balance and freedom. When you begin living a simpler life, you would experience living in heaven and tremendous benefits in every area of life.


How and why simpler life is better

Based on my personal journey and observations, here is a list of something you can simplify to enjoy liberty and joyful lifestyle.


  • Material Possessions: Too many material possessions just complicate life. I personally feel so much irritated with unnecessary furniture, clothes, shoes and other stuff. They drain your bank balance, attention and energy. Take some time to get rid of all extra possessions. I believe you will never regret it.


  • Negative Thoughts: There come more than 60,000 thoughts whole day in our mind. And I must say most of these thoughts are negative and useless. Bitterness, jealousy, hate, grudges, resentment never improve your life in any way. Forgive yourself and others, let go of past, and replace these evil thoughts with positive and productive ones.


  • Words: Utter fewer words. Keep your speech simple, plain and clear. Say what you mean and mean it whatever you say. Avoid gossips and take part in meaningful discussions.


  • Food: Simplify your food to enjoy healthy life. Avoid complicated meals, unhealthy fast food and frozen food. Take food containing fiber, minerals, vitamins, protein and good fat. Remove junk food completely, obviously it can be tasty but it’s not healthy but high in saturated fat, sugar and unhealthy stuff. It hurts our pockets too.  So it’s easy and reasonable to prepare healthy food at home.


  • Technology time: Watching too much TV series, movies, dramas just ruin your thoughts and waste your time. Watch TV, movies just for little bit entertainment and news purpose. Use facebook and other social networks only when it is necessary or to get in touch with distant friends. Just don’t become slave of technology rather spend time with your family, go outside, play games, have walk and ponder over nature and try to make the The Use of Technology to develop good habits.


  • Multitasking / Too many goals: Research showed that multitasking causes more stress and less productivity. Single tasking is becoming a lost-art, learn it. Make a list of all tasks or goals you want to accomplish, prioritize them according to importance. Take one thing at one time. Do it well. When it is complete, move to the next.


Take a look, how much you have overwhelmed and complicated your life with unnecessary burdens. Get rid of all complexities and enjoy more by owning less 🙂


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